Organization Development Manager

Job Responsibilities:

Facilitates optimum utilization of resources such as methods, machines, materials, money and people are use efficiently through effective management to accomplish desired results.
Responsible for adaptability, employee satisfaction and retention.
Ensure that organization chart updates reflect positively on the productivity of the organizations
Facilitates implementation of appropriate change management initiatives associated with Majorel’ s transition activities.
Responsible for creating and developing the job evaluation, advising on job design, job descriptions and the correct grading of jobs.
Contributes research, analysis and ideas to the development of HR strategy in order to ensure that organizational development initiatives are appropriately integrated and aligned with strategic and business goal.
Manage Majorel performance management framework
Oversee the annual appraisal process, monitoring compliance with the timetable and working with the OD Director to ensure consistency of quality in appraisal documentation.
Oversee the current Key Performance Indicators and direct the setting and formulation of new KPIs proposals based on the objectives to measure employees’ performance in an accurate manner.
Responsible for policies & procedures development and ensuring the implementation within a proper system and communication channels that involve all the concerned parties.
Plan and implement periodic local satisfaction survey for Egypt employees across different stages (hiring, on-boarding, training, on-job, exit interview) & follow up on collection of results.
Managing employee feedback channel (i-change), ensure timely response and resolution of issues received through various channels.
Ensure monthly reporting and analysis on received feedback and complaints and share monthly report with leadership.
Recommend and follow up on action plans to address periodic survey outcome as well as focus groups and suggestions.
Ensure operations and management one-to-one are taking place efficiently and in a timely manner through reporting and auditing on relevant documentation
Generate reports & analysis in order to provide the management with weekly updates.
Implement and manage ideas / recommendations incentives program and periodically Consolidate suggestions and recommendations.
Ensure exit interview practice is performed as intended and in a timely manner, provide quarter exit interview analysis and recommendations to operations and management leadership.
Guide and motivate team members to enhance performance and ensure that they work to their best potential and establish smooth working relations with internal & external teams to deliver the best service.
Ensure subordinates comply with the code of conduct and policies.
Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree
English Level : Excellent
+ 5 years experience in OD
Proficiency in MS Office.
An experience of quality management training and staff development with demonstrated competency is also required
Strong written and oral communication skills, including presentation skills.
 Strong coaching/mentoring skills.
Able to manage a varied workload
Pragmatic and solution-oriented.
Committed to high standards and continuous improvement
Excellent influencing and interpersonal skills with people at all levels, internally and externally

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